Exceptional Start for Polkadot Gaming Platform Exeedme

VYSYN Ventures reviews the the listings and price performance of strategic partner Exeedme

Polkadot-powered gaming platform Exeedme has kicked off with an exceptional start after two successful exchange listings and a significant token appreciation. The innovative platform allows gamers to monetize their skills in unprecedented ways. Players can bet on their performance or the performance of others and generate income with their gaming skills. VYSYN Ventures was a participant in the private sale of Exeedme and acts as a strategic partner to the innovative blockchain-based gaming platform.

The need for a platform like Exeedme was demonstrated by the exemplary price performance of the token since listing on the Polkastarter and Uniswap exchanges. The Exeedme token — XED — currently trades at $0.40 and has reached highs of roughly $1.00 in recent trading. With private sale participants purchasing tokens at $0.025, this represents a 16x gain currently for those that entered at this stage.

The demand for XED tokens was clearly evident in the early stages of trading. Within the first six hours of the Uniswap listing, $18 million in trading volume was executed. Two hours before listing on Uniswap, Exeedme carried out an initial DEX offering (IDO) on Polkastarter. The IDO was a huge success with 400 whitelisted addresses being allocated 1.5 million XED tokens at a price of $0.05 per token. Unique holders of XED tokens currently number over 3,300 and the user base is quickly growing.

VYSYN Ventures is thrilled to observe such early success from one of our key strategic partners. VYSYN will continue to support Exeedme as it approaches the beta launch of its platform. The Exeedme team is currently testing and auditing key features of the platform. The batch run of beta users will get to try the platform this month! Once the gamers experience the power and monetization potential of this gaming platform, we anticipate a lot more success for Exeedme.



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