Cryptocurrencies Take Center Stage Amid Russia-Ukraine Geopolitical Crisis

VYSYN Weekly Insights #87: Cryptocurrency plays a pivotal role in fundraising Ukraine war efforts

Russia’s attack on Ukraine sparks cryptocurrency volatility

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has unsurprisingly brought about a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) to the global financial markets. Prices of stocks plummeted heavily and the cryptocurrency market also felt the impact.

Cryptocurrencies offer Ukraine a lifeline and BTC/RUB volumes surge

As several other traditional payment systems cease operations in Ukraine, the country’s authorities legalized cryptocurrencies and solicited support from the crypto community. This move pushed activity on several cryptocurrency networks to new levels as donations from different parts of the world poured in via these digital assets.

Bitcoin outperforms gold but volatility remains a threat

Despite suffering a major setback immediately after the invasion, Bitcoin has bounced back. The digital asset experienced a massive surge, pushing it to settle above the $44,000 mark. Commenting on Bitcoin’s massive comeback, analysts opined that the digital asset appears to have “decoupled” from stock markets.

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