Changing Monetization for Content Creators

VYSYN invests in innovative platform Xcademy which provides new and versatile blockchain-based tools for content creators

The potential for monetizing digital content is enormous. Recent research by Delphi Digital analyst Piers Kicks estimates that the market for digital content will grow to over $300 billion.

Xcademy is an emerging project that is providing an innovative solution for this market. Underpinned by the Zilliqa blockchain, Xcademy is a platform that allows content creators to issue NFTs and tokens that they can distribute and sell to their audience.

The breadth of possibilities with this solution are both extremely impactful and diverse. The possibility for creators to issue unique tokens can be used to incentivize further viewership and provides content creators with new monetization strategies.

VYSYN Ventures will invest in and strategically assist this innovative early-stage project. VYSYN will provide funding that will help the team accelerate their development and deployment of a working product.

Xcademy is addressing a growing market and VYSYN anticipates that their enticing product will secure mass adoption among both blockchain users and content creators alike. In addition to providing funding, VYSYN will help Xcademy market their solution to prospective users and stakeholders.



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