VYSYN Ventures Weekly Insights #54 — Exploring the disruptive potential of blockchain technology and its implementation among various enterprises

Cryptocurrency was the original and most widely implemented application of blockchain technology. Bitcoin was the first to facilitate permissionless payments across a censorship-resistance decentralized network. However, blockchain technology has rapidly advanced in recent years. We have recently been observing widespread experimentation with eclectic decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Netizens may be predominantly focused on cryptocurrency developments, especially in light of price increases since Q4 2020. However, blockchain technology offers vastly more use cases. Governments and enterprises have been able to deploy the technology to address key bottlenecks and improve both efficiency and security.

In the latest VYSYN Release, we highlight some…

VYSYN Ventures Weekly Insights #53 — The Bitcoin market has entered an extremely uncertain phase and traders need to tailor their risk appropriately

Bitcoin price is at a critical point. Over the past two weeks, Bitcoin has formed a consolidation pattern, raising uncertainties regarding its future direction. There are a myriad of conflicting opinions among market participants, causing confusion for the everyday retail investor.

We recently shared a Twitter thread to help retail investors navigate such uncertain territory. Read and share if you’re struggling to adjust to recent market developments.

In the latest VYSYN release, we analyze the key developments in Bitcoin market conditions. …

VYSYN Ventures Weekly Insights #52 — We analyze the recent bearish movements in the Bitcoin market and consider them in the context of the broader trend

Elon Musk, the United States Treasury Department, and the China Bitcoin mining ban have all provided fuel for the recent price drops being recorded in the Bitcoin market. The FUD generated by these events all played a critical role in recent price movements and the market appears to be maintaining a broader downward trend.

With such volatile movements come significant losses for those speculators that left themselves overexposed. On May 19th alone, over $8.5 billion was liquidated as a result of speculators being overexposed in the cryptocurrency derivatives markets.

In the latest VYSYN release, we go into further detail considering…

VYSYN Ventures Weekly Insights #51 — Xcademy is changing the dynamics of the content creation industry

While content creation used to be mainly controlled by large corporations, the evolution of technology has made it possible for influencers to build audiences and compete with media behemoths.

However, influencers still struggle with monetizing their content. While corporations have clearly defined business models and content creation strategies, influencers can meet challenges when it comes to monetization. Censorship, platform removal, and payment processor issues are all risks that influencers face when seeking to monetize their activities.

In the latest VYSYN Release, we provide an overview of an upcoming platform that will allow influencers to easily monetize their content. This platform…

VYSYN Ventures Weekly Insights #50 — DeFi is changing the world. Here are the top three innovations in the field.

The fusion of finance and blockchain has broken prior boundaries and facilitated previously unthinkable possibilities. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has rapidly grown since the start of 2020 and provided permissionless access to a broad variety of financial services.

The emergence of decentralized credit markets with deca-billions in locked liquidity would have seemed outlandish only a couple of years ago. But today, over $84 billion is locked in DeFi-related protocols, enabling eclectic financial services that are accessible to anybody with the skills to operate self-hosted cryptocurrency wallets.

Some DeFi solutions particularly stand out. In the latest VYSYN release, we review the top…

VYSYN Ventures Weekly Insights #49 — A multi-chain DeFi ecosystem continues to grow, proliferate, and yield lucrative returns for investors

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has continued to grow throughout 2021. In line with the expectations of many, more innovations are springing up in the ecosystem while investors and speculators continue to inject liquidity.

The DeFi trend kicked off in 2020 with a viral growth that many anticipated would end with a bubble bursting. However, the DeFi ecosystem continues to expand, innovate, and attract more attention and capital.

In the latest VYSYN release, we identify some of the recent developments that have added momentum to the bullish DeFi trend. …

VYSYN Ventures Weekly Insights #48 — We analyze the recent growth in the DeFi ecosystem and highlight its impact on Ethereum

Recent market conditions highlight that Ethereum has become increasingly disconnected from Bitcoin. While Bitcoin shed a significant portion of its gains during the week, Ethereum achieved new all-time highs.

Bitcoin is the bellwether of the cryptocurrency industry and has historically been tied to the remainder of the market. However, as Ethereum underpins the majority of the growing decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, it appears that it is becoming increasingly distinct from the market leader.

In the latest VYSYN release, we show how the correlation between Bitcoin and Ethereum and highlight how the two assets are becoming more disconnected. …

VYSYN Ventures reviews its portfolio and details the company’s investment thesis

Disclaimer: Reported market capitalizations and returns are accurate as of the time of writing and are subject to change. This report was written between the 22nd and 25th of April 2021.

VYSYN Ventures has become a stalwart of the cryptocurrency venture capital ecosystem. Since 2016, VYSYN has been helping disruptive blockchain startups fulfill their potential.

Through capital allocation and incubation, VYSYN has helped a myriad of innovative projects grow to hundreds of millions and even billions in USD valuations. VYSYN’s incubation process separates the company from other venture capital players.

The incubation process includes assistance with both marketing efforts and…

VYSYN invests in innovative platform Xcademy which provides new and versatile blockchain-based tools for content creators

The potential for monetizing digital content is enormous. Recent research by Delphi Digital analyst Piers Kicks estimates that the market for digital content will grow to over $300 billion.

Xcademy is an emerging project that is providing an innovative solution for this market. Underpinned by the Zilliqa blockchain, Xcademy is a platform that allows content creators to issue NFTs and tokens that they can distribute and sell to their audience.

The breadth of possibilities with this solution are both extremely impactful and diverse. …

VYSYN Ventures Weekly Insights #47 — How Bitcoin market dynamics have shifted since a 14% hourly Bitcoin decline

After recording a record high of close to $65k, Bitcoin began retracing. So far in 2021, retracements have quickly found buyer liquidity, pushing price back up and sustaining bullish momentum. However, this retracement was different.

The retracement evolved into price virtually entering freefall. Bitcoin price gradually retraced until the 18th of April when BTC declined from ~$59k to a low of below $51k over the course of an hour. This catalyzed the largest long-side liquidation of 2021 with $9.26 billion being wiped from the derivatives market.

Bitcoin has since returned to under $50k. The anticipations of speculators are beginning to…


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